Mason Greenwood scored his fifth penalty of the season

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Mason Greenwood scored his fifth penalty of the season. Getafe started well and took the lead from the first seven minutes. But Real Betis refused to allow Isco, the former Real Madrid player, to score a penalty. Draw 1-1, share points with Mason Greenwood agency having 30 points, ranked 10th at this time.

Spanish La Liga football battle on Sunday night, February 4th. Getafe lost heavily in the last game to Real Madrid, currently ranked 10th, visiting Real Betis. Who are hoping to rise to the European football quota at this time.

The game only started in the first 7 minutes when Abner, the local left-back, missed a penalty. The referee didn’t hesitate to give the visiting team the opportunity. To take the lead and it was Mason Greenwood who scored 1-0. Which was 5th score this season. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Time passed until the 35th minute. This time, the home team got some penalties back. The referee decided to check VAR for a foul on the opponent. Isco volunteered to score the goal back 1-1.

After 45 minutes it was tied 1-1.

In the 65th minute of the second half. German Pessela successfully headed a free kick into the back of the net. The linesman raised the flag to end the home team’s dream of turning over the lead. There is nothing more to add in the remaining time. At the end of the game. Getafe tied Real Betis 1-1 with the agency Mason Greenwood having 30 points, ranked 10th at this time.  

Every football fan should already know that Mason Greenwood. Getafe’s English attacker, is a right-winger with a very dangerous left foot.

But have you ever noticed that When the time came for him to play the penalty kick. He switched from his dominant left foot to using his right foot to kill. This is considered quite strange.

But the turning point came. When he was playing for Manchester United Under-13 team in a game against rivals Manchester City. Where he was tasked with taking a penalty kick. and use the left foot normally But that one. He couldn’t shoot.

From that event It made him feel bad. And decide that when given the task of taking a penalty shootout. He will switch to shooting with his right foot instead.