Jose Mourinho, has a chance of returning to manage Chelsea for a third time

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Believing that Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese manager. Has a chance of returning to manage Chelsea for a third time after being create by Mauricio Pochettino. Poor performance, never quit.

Premier League game in which Chelsea lost to Wolves in a rather dull 4-2 on Sunday, February 4. With the previous game. Poch’s team was beaten 4-1, by Liverpool. Which put manage Chelsea under heavy pressure, even though he led the team to the Carabao Cup final against Liverpool on the 25th. Feb.

And most importantly. Mourinho is currently unemployed after being fired by Roma in mid-January. Making it believed that there is a possibility that Todd Boligh. The owner of the famous London team, may replace the new boss again. Because he gave full support to Pochettino in strengthening the team, but the team’s performance was shockingly low. Report by ufabet

In addition. Jose Mourinho has been successful in managing teams that have won the European Cup 5 times. By holding the reins of 4 clubs, including FC Porto. Inter Milan (Champions League), Manchester United (Europa League) and Roma (Europa Conference League). Meanwhile, the 60-year-old

Coach still holds an unbeaten record when he can lead his team.

The 2002/03 season led FC Porto to the UEFA Cup final before defeating Glasgow Celtic from Scotland. Scotland 3-2, which is consider the first European champion.

2003/04 season, leading FC Porto to continue their hot form of play. Chased down all the big teams before defeating Monaco in the UEFA final. Champions League 3-0, winning themselves a second European Cup.

The 2009/10 season led Inter Milan to defeat the Bayern Munich in the final and win the UEFA Champions League. The Champions League is his 3rd European Championship. This season, Mourinho also led the Inter Milan to win the Triple Championship with a total of 3 trophies.

In the 2016/17 season. Manchester United successfully rose to the throne of the UEFA Europa League. When they defeated Ajax Amsterdam in the final 2-0. It can be said that he is the first manager since Sir Alex Ferguson to lead the Manchester United to win the championship. Succeeded.

In the 2021/22 season. Taking Roma to play in the Europa Conference League finals. Which is consider to be playing in the final. European cup football team for the third time in history before defeating Feyenoord 1-0. Becoming the first club to successfully inscribe their name on the championship trophy.