Arsenal did not disappoint the fans in the second half

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Arsenal did not disappoint the fans in the second half, although they had less ball control, but it was because of an error from Alisson Becker, giving the reward to Gabriel Martinelli, who tapped out. Taking the lead before injury time, Leandro Trossar closed the box and led the team to beat Liverpool who had 10 remaining players 3-1, increasing to 49 points, rising to 2nd place, while the Liverpool lost their 2nd game in the league. But still holding onto the leader, stopping at 51 points.

The first half of the game started in the 10th minute. Arsenal had the opportunity to greet first when Gabriel Martinelli snatched the ball from the middle of the field to the end of the line. Before opening in front of the goal and it was Bukayo Saka’s way to head in, but was not fully hit, causing the ball to go out of the frame, unfortunately.  Report by

In the 14th minute, the home team Arsenal scored a goal and took the lead first from the moment when Kai Havertz shot a goal in the penalty area before being prevented by Alisson Becker but the ball bounced. Enter Bukayo Saka before deciding to shoot with his left immediately. The ball slammed into the net without any remains, leading the team to a 1-0 lead. 

In the 37th minute, Arsenal had the opportunity to continue the game when Gabriel Martinelli launched a free kick into the penalty area before Ibahima Konate was able to head in and block it. But the ball didn’t go into the gun’s way. Gabriel Magalnes struck with his right. But the ball wasn’t as strong as Alisson Becker calmly fell to receive it.

In the 45th + 3rd minute, the visiting team Liverpool scored an equalizing goal from the moment Ryan Grafenberg scooped up the ball for Luis Diaz to dribble into the penalty area and into the path of William Sali. Ba came to cover the ball but Diaz was still able to dunk on the ball and snatch it away. Before the ball could touch Gabriel Magalhaes’ hand, he flicked it into the goal. This gave Liverpool a lucky goal, leading the team to a 1-1 draw.

The first half of the match ended with Arsenal tying Liverpool 1-1. 

In the 48th minute of the second half. Liverpool had the opportunity to greet first from the moment when Curtis Jones tried to look far. But the ball missed the second post just a little. 

In the 51st minute, Arsenal continue attacking from the moment. When Jorginho stabbing the ball for Martin Odegaard before he decided to pull the trigger. With his right and the ball flew past the first post just a little bit behind. 

In the 67th minute. The home team Arsenal had the opportunity to take the lead again from the moment. When Virgil Van Dijk blocked the ball to allow Alisson Becker to clear the ball. But did not do well Causing the ball to not go before it hit Gabriel Martinelli’s way to hit the ball clear. The ball flew into the net with ease, giving the team a 2-1 lead. 

In the 90+2 minute. Arsenal got their 3rd goal from the moment Leandro Trossar got. The ball before pulling away. liverpool players Driving into the penalty area before being able to strike with the right. The ball soar past safety Alisson Becker and slipped into the goal. With a decisive shot, taking the team 3-1 ahead.