Staveley admits he is sad that he has to part ways with Chelsea

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Newcastle co-owner Amanda Staveley said he was sadden by Roman Abramovich‘s departure from Chelsea. But say there were factors to be consider.

         Russia’s attack on Ukraine has had an impact on football ufabet, especially with the Blues owned by Roman Abramovich. Who are see as being close to President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

         After the announcement of the sale of the club, “Sia Mee” became a lot of talk, and Staveley admit that he was sad that Abramovich had to part with Chelsea. But pointed out that there was an issue. That must be taken into account from the incident.

         “I’m really sad today that people are leaving a football club because of the relationship they might have with someone,” Staveley said.

         “I really don’t think it’s fair. But we have to consider all of our relationships as well.”

Amnesty said that under the leadership of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman there had been a human rights crackdown. The grisly murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi had been cover up and it accused a Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen of indiscriminate attacks.

The Saudi PIF is the nation’s sovereign wealth fund, which supports strategic and commercial projects of national significance. The chairman is the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The takeover of Newcastle was give the green light. After the Premier League receive assurances that the state will not be directly involve in the running of the club.