Ronaldo to avoid a bad performance in 2010

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Cristiano Ronaldo is desperate to score a goal against Burnley to avoid a similar dire performance in 2010.

Ronaldo had just missed a penalty in the FA Cup fourth round draw with Middlesbrough 1-1 on 120 minutes and lost during the shootout. last friday Made the striker, who turned 37 years old on Saturday. Failed to score goals in 4 games ufabet in a row.

So, Manchester United’s next game against Burnley on Tuesday, Ronaldo is desperate to score. To stop the Gunners record at 4 games in a row, because if extended to the fifth game, it would be equivalent to the performance they had done.

When playing against Real Madrid in 2010. Ronaldo failed to score in the final game of his 2009-10 first season at the Santiago Bernabeu against Malaga, then started the 2010-11 season. Has failed to score in his first four games against Mallorca, Osasuna, Sociedad in La Liga and Ajax in Europe.

This week will be his first ever visit to Turf Moor. As he looks in the mirror and sees another year added to the clock, he’ll be desperate for his run to end. There is one silver lining though – his last goal did come against Burnley at Old Trafford on December 30.