Raheeam defines the first season of Singha Disaster both for executive homework

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Chelsea winger Raheem Sterling admits his first season at Stamford Bridge was the low point of his career. Ready to leave to team owner Todd Boehly, choose a good new team manager.

Sterling, bought from Manchester City in the summer, is the first of nearly 20 new signings Bohly has invested more than £600million. 

But the result was not as expected, the team changed the head coach both full-time, keeping the 4th entry, Frank Lampard, not winning every cup. And are 12th in the league, 9 points above the relegation zone 

The chaos the 28-year-old faced was, dare I say, the worst of my life สมัคร ufabet

“Personally, this is one of the lowest points of my career,” he told Sky Sports.

“It may sound a bit strange. But at the same time it was a great learning curve.” 

“If you can win continuously It was like smooth sailing. But sometimes life has to face obstacles. That’s the challenge I’m ready to face, just go straight. and don’t shun.”

“Because it will make it stronger as an individual or a group of players. Such challenges are not just about football. but life too It’s very important how we deal with these things. And what kind of new start after that?

As for the future, about the new full-time manager, English footballers want someone with a clear plan and full authority, like the one who had worked with Pep Guardiola. 

“I’m not someone to tell the club what you have to do. But what I can judge from my previous experience. Team management is the most important thing,” added Raheem. 

“There is a team manager who decides on everything. set the path that everyone must follow.” 

“Successful teams always have managers like that come in, spread out their own blueprints. and then everyone did.”

“If anyone does not follow You don’t have to be part of the team. To be that ruthless is necessary for a top team.”

Among the new team manager candidates, Mauricio Pochettino looks the best, ‘Sky Bet’ tax, opening price at 1/20 (bet 20, pay 1, excluding capital).