Julian Nagelsmann clears Southern Tigers to win over Leipzig

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Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann sees the past game very close. and feel good that the team won

The Tigers defeated RB Leipzig 3-2 in the Bundesliga on Saturday. As a result, now the famous team from Bavaria escaped Dortmund by 9 points, but played more than 1 match.

“Overall it was a very intense game,” Nagelsmann said after the ufabet game.

“I don’t think winning is the one we deserve the most, but it’s not the one that didn’t deserve it. Both teams have a chance to win. A draw can also be an okay result.

“In the first half we played too fast forward very often. And playing through the ball too risky, it means the rate of losing possession of the ball is really high. It was even better in the second half. we have more patience

“In terms of protection needs Both teams had a lot of chances. it is important And it’s good to win.”

Lastly, when asked about his decision to play with a defensive back three, Nagelsmann said, “I don’t want to sacrifice anything in the attack right now. While Phonzie is out, I would have four central defenders in a back four, and a team like that has won a World Cup, but that is not my approach to soccer.”