Manchester United add interest to Rice even

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Manchester United are set to move their interest in West Ham midfielder Declan Rice, despite hurdles.

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United have specifically chosen Rice as their first target in midfield. And will increase interest during the January trading market News reports stated. That the main obstacle for Manchester United is Rice’s desire to return to Chelsea as a youngster again. 

After being release at the age of 14. He was born with West Ham United. And became a key figure in the modern England national team. In addition to this The original hurdle for all ufabet teams was Rice’s £100m asking price, partly due to the long-term contract sign at the end of 2018 that runs until 2024. With an additional extension. One year to end in 2025.

Rice also refused to hide the well-known fact he played in Chelsea’s academy and his whole family – including himself – are fans of the club, although he holds a place in his heart for West Ham.

Even so, a move elsewhere may prove tempting should the Hammers miss out on a top four spot at the end of the season, particularly if it is one of United or Chelsea that come calling.